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My Review – Dead Yet Dying by B. K. Brain

Title Dead Yet Dying

Author B. K. Brain

Genre Supernatural, Thriller, Fiction

My Rating   ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Truth isn’t elusive. It stands boldly, daring us to have a look, naked and brave. The problem is in reality itself. It’s in the eyes of those that see, in the ears of those that hear. Perception is a tinted glass. Every experience adds color to the lens.

B. K. Brain (Dead Yet Dying, Part Four:Chapter 11)

Book Description:

Life and death, choice and consequence.
Daniel Speegs isn’t aware he was scheduled to die with his fiancée fifteen years ago. He’s spent the stolen time in an alcoholic blur, blaming himself for her death. When he realizes he can go back and save her he sets out on a fatal journey.

But the power to change the past isn’t his to give. Not according to a murderer, a man determined to claim Dan’s mortal energy for himself, no matter the cost.

Enter Shellandra Flack, agent of death.

Dan’s existence has derailed the chain of causality and she needs him to die at the hands of the killer.

If Dan survives, the world won’t.

My Review:  

Just finished this book yesterday. Though thrillers really aren’t my usual cup of tea, but I was surprised when I couldn’t stop my self from reading this one.

Once I started there was no stopping, I really got sucked into this story. You know that time when you put down your book and then you need some time to get back to your present real world, it was that kind of experience for me.

Writing style was good, it has comedy woven into the tension of the story and really kept the suspense going. one can easily expect it to be a movie some day… 😉

Right thing is never selfish.

B. K. Brain (Dead Yet Dying, Part Four:Chapter 13)

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